Official Clockwise Website

Born out of a necessity for more three minute Pop songs, CLOCKWISE with tongue firmly planted in cheek, has been slapped into life onto the Toronto music scene.

This website has no affiliation with Andy Clockwise. According to Wikipedia Andy Clockwise (Born Andy Kelly[1]) is an Australian-born musician, performer, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Los Angeles. Fresh, current, recently recorded music is what you’ll find here. Independent bands, underground DJs, and just-about-to-be-discovered artists make up the eclectic sound mix on NMC.

Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic, Soul, Pop, or sounds that cross boundaries and mix it up, we’ve got the latest in CETT (Computer to Ear Transference Technology). Visitors can listen to the tracks (the site is streaming only – no downloads), browse the band listings, and see what our DJs have picked every week. Artists can get their own page on the site with all of their tracks, bio, photos, and even upcoming concert dates.

That’s right, this is a private party. Canadian music only. We’re here to support our own. But, if you don’t have a Canadian passport and you like what you hear – that’s cool with us.

Put it in your ear.

And New Music Canada is not alone. You can find our brother and sister sites at – where it’s just like being there, and – the home of Bite-sized Entertainment. Who’s responsible for all of this good stuff? Surprise – it’s your friendly neighbourhood CBC. But we couldn’t do it all by ourselves, so we joined forces with 2 groovy companies to make it all happen:

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